What is Website@School?

Summary in your language (note the mouseover text):

flag of Great Britain  English
flag of China  中文
flag of India  हिंदी
flag of Spain  Español
flag of the Netherlands  Nederlands
flag of Frysian  Frysk
flag of Germany  Deutsch
flag of France  Français
flag of Norway  Norwegian
flag of Estonia  Estonian
flag of Bulgaria  български
flag of Ireland  Irish
No flag  Papiamentu
flag of Aruba  Aruba
flag of Vietnam  Tiếng Việt
flag of Russia  Русский
flag of Lativia  Latvian
flag of Sweden  Svenska
flag of Finland  Suomeksi
flag of Slovenia  Slovenish
flag of Greece  Ελληνικά
flag of Uumania  Romaneste
flag of Danmark  Dansk
flag of Serbia  Serbian
flag of Croatia  Croatian
flag of Hungary  Magyar
flag of Slovakia  Slovakian
flag ofCzech Republic  Czech
flag of Portugal  Português
flag of Poland  Polski
flag of Lithuania  Lithuanian
flag of Italy  Italiano
flag of Malta  Maltese
flag of Turkey  Türkçe
flag of Pakistan  اردو
flag of Iran  فارسی
flag of Arabic League  العربية

Help pupils in your country to learn ICT and international collaboration. Please translate or update your language and contact us.

The pace to test Website@school


Want to try the endless possibilities of Website@School?
Please go ahead! We have a sandbox at http://wyxs.net/was_daily/. Every night at 04.00 GMT + 1 your work will be deleted and a fresh site installed.
To login, go to http://wyxs.net/was_daily/admin.php.

login name: jtester
password: Jtester4U

Question: How do I change languages after logging in?
Answer: You can change the sites language and the language the user prefers. Site: Go to the Configuration Manager . In the Menu, select Site. Scroll down to: Default language (2-letter lowercase code, default 'en'), and change the code to, as example, 'es' (no quotes) for Spanish. Scroll down and save your work. This will change the language of the login screen.
Log out and in again.

User: Go to the Account Manager. In the Menu, select Users. Select user Jane Tester. In het account settings, Scroll down to the: Language dropdown menu. Select her language. Scroll down and save your work. This wil change Jane's language.
Log out and log in again.

As you see, all users can have their own native language, but the login will have the language selected in the Configuration Manager.

Happy testing!