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Help pupils in your country to learn ICT and international collaboration. Please translate or update your language and contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Quesitons

  • Q: I understand Website@School is licensed under AGPL version 3.

    A: Yes, one of the many versions of the General Public License.

  • Q: Can I modify the look of our website (fonts, page links, colour, etc.)?

    A: Yes, sure! Please go ahead and read the manual on how to do it. Look in hte Themes section for your theme and read Bazaar Style Style.

  • Q: Can I change the size and position of Powered by link?

    A: Yes, however, the 'Powered by Webiste@School' image or link may not be removed, it must be visible for the website visitor. If you want no 'Powered by' and/or logo, contact us.

  • Q: Can I upload my own school or firm logo instead of the Website@School lo

    A: Yes, sure, Please do! Its how-to is fully explained in the Basic procedures for beginners, in the Configuration Manager, in the Bazaar Style Style chapter and in the chapter of the theme you have chosen.

  • Q: Can I make changes in CSS file?

    A: Yes! Website@School was created to do this easily. There is even introduction with great examples, see the Bazaar Style Style chapter.

  • Q: Why is program/install.php the path to the installer? Why not the document root?

    A: The path is the same as our old program. What's the problem?

  • Q: 1.The management does not look fancy. 2. Is everything possible on the sites?

    A: 1. Agreed, the Website@School Management looks straigtforward. You can create your own skin(s). See the Account Manager chapter under 'Skins'.
    2. Yes, with the themes and the Bazaar Style Style you can create really every possible site as fancy as you can imagine.

  • Q: The installation went OK, but I immediately got an error page with something like 'condition code: [version] / [date] / 080'. What's going on?

    A: You probably installed Website@School without demonstration data. Thus there is no Area and no page created during the installation. You have to create at least an Area and a page. Please read the Basic procedurs for beginners.

  • Q: I cannot reinstall the program. Why?

    A: This is a security feature. Please read the Install chapter.

  • Q: Can I remove the installer after installation?

    A: Better not. It might be used in future additions or releases. It is not possible to reinstall Website@School via the GUI once it is installed. Please try it and you'll see.

  • Q: It looks alright in the Sandbox. Can I install it on my own PC?

    A: Yes, for example with XAMPP, see the manual at Appendices, we have a chapter for XAMPP installations.