What is Website@School?

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flag of Great Britain  English
flag of China  中文
flag of India  हिंदी
flag of Spain  Español
flag of the Netherlands  Nederlands
flag of Frysian  Frysk
flag of Germany  Deutsch
flag of France  Français
flag of Norway  Norwegian
flag of Estonia  Estonian
flag of Bulgaria  български
flag of Ireland  Irish
No flag  Papiamentu
flag of Aruba  Aruba
flag of Vietnam  Tiếng Việt
flag of Russia  Русский
flag of Lativia  Latvian
flag of Sweden  Svenska
flag of Finland  Suomeksi
flag of Slovenia  Slovenish
flag of Greece  Ελληνικά
flag of Uumania  Romaneste
flag of Danmark  Dansk
flag of Serbia  Serbian
flag of Croatia  Croatian
flag of Hungary  Magyar
flag of Slovakia  Slovakian
flag ofCzech Republic  Czech
flag of Portugal  Português
flag of Poland  Polski
flag of Lithuania  Lithuanian
flag of Italy  Italiano
flag of Malta  Maltese
flag of Turkey  Türkçe
flag of Pakistan  اردو
flag of Iran  فارسی
flag of Arabic League  العربية

Help pupils in your country to learn ICT and international collaboration. Please translate or update your language and contact us.

Help page

Help schools

Do you speak PHP? Are you in graphic design? Do you speak JAVA? Or is CSS your stuff?
In all cases: education needs you!
You can help education, schools and pupils by contributing code to the project; there is still a lot to do in Website@School.

For example:

  • Create themes, adapt stylesheets.
  • Create buttons and icons.
  • Build modules like a calendar, a guestbook, photo album, news, newsletters, TV module.
  • Integrate Jupload in the File Manager.
  • A CAPTCHA that even young children understand.
    DONE! We have a CAPTCHA free contact form.
  • Stay in the text editors after saving text.
  • Correcting typo's and brushing up our English. An ideal project for a school.
  • And, and, ...
All help is welcome, please write to: info at websiteatschool dot eu.