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Help pupils in your country to learn ICT and international collaboration. Please translate or update your language and contact us.

Donate a module

Donate a module!

Now that the main program is almost ready, we start building the additional functionalities: modules.
Schools, visually impared, instititutions and individuals help each other by contributing to a module of your preference.

Module Short description Size [1] Committed Received Ready
CK editor Screenreader & braille accesible editor. € 1800 € 1800 :NVBS 0.90.4
Blindly Adaptions for blind webmasters. € 1000 € 50 : Anonymous € 950 : St. Blinden-Penning 0.90.4
Skins Adaptions for blind webmasters. € 1000 € 950 Enablement 0.90.4
Sitemap Overview of site or areas € 1000 € 1000 : Anonymous 0.90.3
Snapshots Photo albums, sub albums. € 2500 € 2500 : St. KBA 0.90.5
Contact form A email contact form. € 1250 € 1250 € 1250 : St. SIDN 0.90.5
Redirect URL redirection € 415 € 415 Anon. don. € 415 0.90.5
Aggregator Collects pages to form an new page € 2400 € 2400 by St. KBA schools € 2400 0.90.5
Guestbook A guestbook with educational options M
CREW Collaborative remote interactive editing € 12.000 € 10.000 EP € 2000 anon. don. € 12.000 0.90.5
Weblog A weblog with research features € 7000 € 7000 EP € 7000 0.90.6a
Chat for blind users & educational features € 7000 € 4000 EP € 3000 4 orgs for the blind € 7000 0.90.6a
Newsletter unlimited number of newsletters. € 6000 inc VAT € 2400 € ------ Ready in 0.90.7
Up- and download M
TV Module M
Links Annotated links, propose links. M
Calendar L
Forms-builder L
Search L
My Page Login and access management. S


  • S: Small. A relatively simple module with not that many options and features that can be made for about € 1000,-- or less.
  • M: Medium: A module that is rather complicated, has more options and facilities. Anyhow, about € 2500 or less.
  • L: Large. A conmplicated module, both in features and options. About € 5000 or less.

Guarantees: Prices exclude VAT (country dependent). The total costs of a module will never exceed the specified price. Any additional costs (miscalculations, unexpected extra work, et cetera) to deliver the module are for the developer of the module.
If the total consts are less than specified, the remainder is either returned to the donator or destined for another module of the donators choise.
Need a special module? Contact us.