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Help pupils in your country to learn ICT and international collaboration. Please translate or update your language and contact us.

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Website@School is a free and Open Source CMS, but not free as in 'free beer'. It takes time to create and maintain Website@School. The servers and bandwidth have to be paid. Users want a sustainable content management system, with free updates and fixpacks.
When you are using Website@School, please help us to keep your CMS sustainalble.

The Website@School Development Team thanks the following institutions, schools and individuals for their financial support:

Website@SChool is a members of the 'Vereniging Scholen Tezamen Rijk met ICT'(STRICT) (Association 'Schools Together Rich with ICT). This association supports educational Open Source Software projects that have a General Public License. The Association accepts and administers donations for the Website@School project, looks after the quality of our work and checks our expenditures.
Please go to http://verenigingstrict.nl.